Beginning in May, the Troup Highway Water Booster Station will begin operation, improving water pressure for residents and businesses located within the Troup Hwy pressure zone (see map). This $3.3 million investment will provide both immediate and long-term benefits to citizens by improving water pressure within the defined pressure zone.


The Booster Station project started just over a year ago with the draining of the water tower on Troup Highway. Tyler Water Utilities will gradually bring the pressure station online in a phasing step-by-step method before fully going live in May. Water Booster Stations are used to transport and boost this clean water throughout the distribution systems to provide potable water at desired pressures.

As Tyler Water Utilities prepares to bring the new booster station online, the water pressure for the service area may fluctuate.  Homeowners may notice cloudy water or the water may spit from the faucet aerator when first turned on after the switch due to air being trapped in the line. Residents and businesses in the affected area can expect to see more flushing or open hydrants as crews work to remove air from the system prior to startup.

After the booster station is in operation, those living or working within the pressure zone will notice an improvement in water pressure.

For those in the affected zone, in depth information on what to expect throughout this process is outlined online at