Texas State Teachers Association President Ovidia Molina released the following statement:

The Texas State Teachers Association applauds and supports the efforts of 68 members of the Texas House, both Republicans and Democrats, who have called on the state education commissioner to seek the necessary federal waivers to cancel STAAR testing for this school year. (The letter is linked below)

TSTA started calling for a suspension of STAAR testing in June because standardized testing should be the last priority for students, educators and policymakers during the middle of a deadly pandemic, which now is getting worse.

Our students, educators and their families can’t afford the distraction of STAAR as they struggle to stay safe and continue to adjust to new methods of teaching and learning. As the legislators pointed out in their letter to the education commissioner, the Texas Education Agency and school districts should be focused not on testing, but on “providing high-quality public education with an emphasis on ensuring the health and safety of students and educators.”

Even under normal circumstances, STAAR exams waste millions of tax dollars, and that waste will be even more critical now that the state and school districts are suffering millions of dollars in lost revenue from the health emergency.