At the Tyler City Council meeting on Wednesday, June 14, Solid Waste employee Galen Billington was recognized as the City of Tyler Blueprint Blue Ribbon Award winner. This award is reserved for employees who place the highest premium of responsiveness to citizens’ needs.

After a large festival that took place in Downtown, contracted cleanup crews failed to fulfill their duties, leaving Downtown Tyler in a state of extreme clutter with piles of debris scattered in the area. Galen Billington received a call for help around 6 a.m. the following morning, which was a Sunday.

“He could have easily said, ‘This isn’t my job,’ but he didn’t; he said, ‘I’ll get right on it,’” said ReNissa Wade, Managing Director of Administration and Human Resources at the Council presentation. “He answered the call quickly and saved the City from being embarrassed over a very messy Downtown.”

By enlisting the help of several others, Billington was able to get Downtown cleaned up before normal Sunday morning traffic being to flow through the area.

Galen Billington has been with Tyler Solid Waste since August of 1997, working his way up through the ranks from residential equipment operator to residential superintendent.

“He loves taking care of his customers and exemplifies Solid Waste’s motto of ‘Customer Service is whatever it takes,’” said Russ Jackson, Solid Waste manager. “Galen does whatever it takes to get the job done. He also actively participates and supports City of Tyler events.”

Tyler City Council and staff were pleased to surprise and honor him with a personal plaque and a name plate on a plaque with other Blueprint Blue Ribbon Award winners.

“This was a surprise,” Billington said at the presentation. “They just told me to be here.”