Today undocumented youth commend President Obama for the courage to announce that he will sign an executive order to provide relief for DREAMers. DREAMers will stand by the President’s action and leadership to fully implement the order.

For the past decade, DREAMers have been marching in the streets and advocating in the halls of Congress and the White House to seek relief.  The tears and sweat of so many youth is finally paying off.  Immigrant organizers are literally in tears.  For them, it’s a signal that the dark cloud of deportation is no longer looming over them, making their dreams and plans seem no longer potential victim to chance and the Joe Arpaio’s of the world.

President Obama’s action now places pressure on Rubio’s bill; It challenges Republicans to come more aggressively to the immigration negotiation table and come up with a permanent legislative fix.  This also gives Latinos a good reason to vote: their friends and cousins who’ve been working hard and going to school will be able to stay in the country, as long as Romney doesn’t get in and get rid of the executive order.

“The President has given us a reason to believe in him” said Caeser Vargas, managing partner at DRM Capitol Group .  “We will ensure that people go out to vote to keep this executive order alive.”  For many undocumented youth who can directly reach Latino communities on the ground, this executive order is also a marching order.  Undocumented immigrants have put together a network to push for the DREAM Act, and are now celebrating Obama’s political courage.  Now, we anxiously await to see if the President and Napolitano of DHS follow through with Obama’s action.