ETR Report

University of Tyler Health Northeast has scheduled separate, half-day-long cancer conferences for Saturday, December 2. One will be for doctors and various medical professionals, and the other will be for the general public. Both are intended to provide continuing education to all those concerned with and/or affected by cancer. The events will be held on the hospital’s main campus on Highway 271. The seminar for medical professionals will charge $25 admission, and the open-to-the-public event will be free of charge.
Keynote speaker will be Dr. Edward Chang, MD, associate professor of the department of plastic surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center. As the main topic he will discuss and explain two new surgical procedures for treating lymphedema. So far these treatments are only being offered in a few specialized facilities worldwide. He will also outline innovative treatments for prostate cancer screening and management, lung cancer immunotherapy, outline of cancer data for this region, and the prospects for cancer care throughout East Texas. This physicians’ conference will confer 4.0 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits, 4.0 CN contact hours, or 4.0 CUEs for social workers. The public conference will concentrate on cancer prevention along with activities to implement during cancer treatment that will improve management of the illness and work toward preventing its spread and re-occurrence. This will include such nutritional guidelines as the connection between sugar intake and the incidence of cancer, the need for survivorship care plans, the role of exercise in cancer prevention, and a Q&A session.
UT Health Northeast has spent the past 70 years supplying expert and crucial patient care to the people of Texas and beyond. Pinpointed conditions include cancer, various chest disorders, primary care, behavioral health, public and community health in general, and more than 25 additional medical specialties. Serving as the only university medical center in Northeast Texas, this establishment also pursues education and research, offering graduate medical education residencies in family medicine, rural family medicine, internal medicine, occupational medicine and psychiatry. Many of the professionals trained at UTT-Health remain in Northeast Texas. Many of these newly fledged professionals have pulled down degrees in biotechnology and public health. As an indication of the success of the health center’s overall mission, the scientists in its Center for Biomedical Research have earned grants worth more than $137 million since 2004, with an operating budget of over $200 million. Aside from its priceless contributions to public health in East Texas, UTT Health is a significant economic boon.
The medical meeting will commence at 7:30 a.m., and the public conference an hour later. For registration and general information please visit