wamThe City of Longview’s Prevention East Texas East Texas Anti-Trafficking Team (ETATT) is slated to host its “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” in its ongoing efforts to raise awareness about sex trafficking in East Texas.

The ETATT website describes the event thusly: “The Walk is a playful opportunity for men (and women) to raise awareness about the serious causes, effects and remediation to men’s’ sexualized violence against women.”

The Walk will commence at 9:00 a.m., Saturday February 27 at First Baptist Church, 209 East South St., which is also where it will end.

Ladies participating in the Walk are encouraged to wear high heels in order to fully appreciate the true challenge of “walking a mile in another person’s shoes.”

There is no charge for taking part in the Walk, and a limited number of high-heeled shoes will be available for those who have none. Sponsorships are available at the $100, $150 and $200 levels.

Sponsors are awarded banners with their organizations’ and businesses’ logos to carry throughout the Walk. Also, tee-shirts are given to walkers sponsoring for $150 and $200.

Walkers and sponsors can register and make pledges by visiting www.LongviewTexas.gov/Walk or by calling Partners in Prevention at (903) 237-1019 for a sponsorship packet.

ETATT also received a U.S. Department of Justice Assistance Grant to help fund the crusade to eradicate human trafficking through increasing public awareness via community education, prevention efforts, networking and collaboration between other organizations.