The Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. recently announced Foundation’s 2012 Campus Initiative Grant recipients.
Campus educators, principals from the L.E.A.D. Academy and Ned E. Williams Elementary School applied for and received funding for initiatives unique to their individual campuses.
The initiatives funded complement and align with each school’s Campus and District Improvement Plan.
The Foundation’s Grants Giveaway Group, members of the Foundation’s Grants and Scholarships Committee, surprised Cynthia L. Lee, counselor, and Kimberly Shumaker, principal of the L.E.A.D. High School Academy, with news that their grant titled The Medieval Experience had been funded for a total of $2,176.05.   L.E.A.D.’s student body is at-risk – the students have either fallen behind in earning credit or previously dropped out of school.  Most of the students are at or below poverty line and need continuous support.
In addition, the Longview ISD Foundation awarded $4,901.44 to Ned E. Williams Elementary School’s campus  – a grant titled “On-the-Go Learning” to Nikita Mumphrey, fourth grade teacher, and her principal, Cynthia Wise.  This grant will provide staff the opportunity to offer a mobile interactive and collaborative learning environment enabling students to improve reading fluency and comprehension.  By using the Apple iPod Touch (8 GB 4th generation), readers will no longer be confined to a traditional computer station.  The grant’s major goals are to improve the reading skills of a targeted group of thirty students who need reading help, increase their reading level, fluency, and comprehension while improving confidence in their overall academic success and motivation to read.
Furthermore, teachers at Ware Elementary were elated to receive their grants also. Jasmon Kelly a 1st grade teacher said, “I am very much surprised, I did not know what to expect.” Anna Roark another 1st grade teacher mused: “I am very surprised and grateful. These materials we asked for are very much needed for our students.” Mitzie Willis could not agree more with her fellow teachers.  “I was hopeful because our students and classrooms need these materials,” she said. “I love my babies, they are always on my mind and I am excited to get the materials.”
Best of all, Dejae Brown a 1st grader in Ms. Kelly’s class likes the grant because her teacher is getting materials that will help them in class. Ms. Brown plans to be a teacher in the future because she appreciates the way her teacher imparts knowledge. She would like to do the same sometime in the future for other children.
The Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. also provided $7,577.49 in additional funding through Campus Initiative Grant with a goal of maximizing educational opportunity in Longview ISD.
Since 2008, the Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. has funded thirteen campus grants for a total of $32,237.72.
Kay Ray, executive director of Longview ISD Foundation said, “We stress something that will last and enhances what the district already offers. It has to reach students from year to year.” That says it all. No thrills and frills will be granted.
For a list of this year’s grant recipients, please visit and click on Grant Recipients on the menu bar on the left hand side of the page.