The Longview Municipal Court is offering a warrant amnesty program from January 1, 2019 through March 31, 2019. We encourage anyone with an outstanding warrant through our court, to take this opportunity to save some money and get a fresh start. Anyone that comes to the clerk’s office to take care of their outstanding warrants will be given safe harbor.
When a citizen comes in voluntarily and either pays in full or pays a minimum of ½ the total amount due and starts a payment plan for the balance owed, all warrant fees will be removed. As an added incentive, anyone that pays in full will save an additional 20 percent off the fine amount. The percentage savings is only on the fine, not the court costs, however. The more they owe, the more they save!

We are also offering assistance to those individuals that may be short on funds right now and are planning to use their income tax refund to clear up their warrants. If they come see us now, we will lift the warrants and give them an extension of time to pay.
We will work out an agreeable action plan for anyone that is willing to make the effort to come in and clear up their warrants.
The Municipal Court is located at 302 W. Cotton street inside the Longview Police and Courts Building. The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all Class C misdemeanors, such as traffic violations, some penal code violations and violations of the Code of Ordinances. The Court Administrator manages the court, with oversight from the Director of Administration.

The Longview Municipal Court is a Municipal Court of Record. The major differences between a Court of Record and a Non-Court of Record are that the Judge is a licensed attorney, trials are either electronically recorded or a court reporter is provided to make an official record of the proceedings and the appeal of a judgment or conviction must be based on any errors made during the proceedings and not based on a request for new trial.
To pay your ticket online, please visit: