The City of Longview is issuing warnings to water utilities customers of a fraudulent scheme that has already targeted some locals. Scam artists tell their victims the president and federal government will provide them with credit or literally pay their water bills. The hucksters then give their unwitting customers a phony bank routing number so they can “pay” their water bills.
    Reports coming in from across the nation indicate these scammers are contacting their victims by numerous means including texting, social media, telephone and door-to-door. Since May 9 thirty-three victims in Longview have tried to use their bogus account numbers. The city’s Water Utilities Customer Service Manager Willie Marshall is anxious to inform residents of the scheme.
    “Our customers need to know that there is a scam out there, and the bank routing number is fraudulent,” he said. “The federal government is not providing a credit for their local water utilities account.”
    Customers should not provide strangers with any personal information. Those who have used the phony bank routing number are still responsible for paying their water bills. To learn how to do so please call the Water Utilities Department at (903) 237-1030. Anyone with information about the scam is encouraged to call the Longview Police Department at (903) 237-1199.