welcomeCarl I Walters II warmly

welcomes new additions Brandi Hrasdzira, Matt Tooker and Barbara Bingham to the Wellness Pointe Board of Directors. According to Walters, these outstanding community servants were voted to join

Wellness Pointe dedicated Board of Directors during a January Board meeting. This addition brings the Board com-position to 11 members. The new Board roster is as follows:

Ms. Deena Shelton, Board Chair
Mr. Jonathan Foy, Board Vice-Chair
Mr. Randy Rose, Board Treasurer
Ms. Amy Allen, Board Secretary
Ms. Erika Vaughn-Feggett, Ms. Angelica Aguilar, Ms. Susan Iddings
Ms. Mary Ann Miller, Ms. Barbara Bingham, Mr. Matt Tooker,
Ms. Brandi Hrasdzira