Longview Environmental Health officials are encouraging residents to exercise precaution following a report of the first positive case of West Nile in Longview in 2013. In response, the city will conduct mosquito spraying during early morning hours in the area surrounding the 300 block of Erskine Drive. In addition, city staff are distributing informational placards to the neighborhood advising individuals to take precaution against West Nile.

As has been done since the beginning of the summer, the Environmental Health Department plans to continue to focus on preventative measures, such as placing larvacide at stagnant water sites. The department is also selectively spraying in neighborhoods where there is a specific concern, but the city is not currently conducting citywide mosquito spraying.

In addition, city staff have increased the spraying regimen at Longview trails and parks. Residents are reminded that parks are closed from 11 p.m. – 6 a.m., which is when the spraying will take place.

According to Environmental Health Supervisor Buck Farrar, “We haven’t seen as many cases of West Nile in Texas this year, but the virus is still a serious concern. So we encourage everyone to take some simple steps to help prevent mosquitos around your home.”

Listed below are effective ways to avoid a mosquito bite:

• Get rid of any standing water near residence

• Remain indoors during dusk and dawn hours

• Wear long pants and long sleeves when outside

• Use an effective mosquito repellant according to label directions

More information about West Nile Virus can be found on the City of Longview website http://www.longviewtexas.gov/or by calling the Environmental Health Department at 903-237-1285.