For the first time the Texas-based host of the prestigious Worldview Academy will be using Longview’s LeTourneau University as site for this week-long leadership camp for students aged 13-18.
By holding workshops at locations across the country the academy’s brilliant faculty teach America’s most gifted young scholars how to integrate scriptural truth into all  aspects of their lives and careers, making pursuit of truth a challenging yet fulfilling adventure.  The camp’s 26 hours of classes will feature instruction on student leadership, top ten biggest decisions, and the Christian Worldview.  There will also be instruction on evangelism.  Apart from the formal classes attendees will partake of small group sessions taught by trained college staff members.  In these mini-classes students will process the day’s instruction via verbal intercourse and feedback.  LETU’s new Community Relations Officer Linda H. Fitzhugh is delighted at her institution’s being selected as a venue.
“Our president, Dr. Lunsford, encouraged me to pursue the opportunity to host Worldview Academy on the LETU campus several years ago,” she said.  “We are very excited to host Worldview Academy on our campus because it provides young people with a solid foundation of scripture that reinforces their own understanding of their Christian faith, especially at a time when they are being slammed from all sides with divergent philosophies.”
Fitzhugh went yet further in her  explanation of how local young people will profit from this event.
“High school students who attend the leadership academy are going to come away with a strengthened ability to live out their faith in new and bold ways,” she said.  “Students I’ve known who attended the academy typically describe it as the best week of their lives.  These students are also great prospective students for LeTourneau University.”
The camp will be held from Sunday through Friday, June 24-29.  For more information on the camp or to apply visit or call (800) 241-1123.